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Several years ago, I sent Mother’s Day cards to my clients. They were extremely well received, better than sending Christmas cards.

If your customers are mostly mother’s, send them a Mother’s Day greeting.

Mother’s Day cards could be sent in the mail or as an eCard.

One advantage with sending an eCard is that it’s free. You can use an existing service such as 123 Greetings or Halmark Cards, or have your designer create a design for you and send it out through your email list software. If you can schedule emails, you can schedule the greeting to be sent on Mother’s Day.

Another option is to send a card through the mail. While this is more expensive, it can get you a better response. You may choose to send a card in the mail to some of your best customers, and an e-greeting to everyone else on your database.

With both eCards and cards in the mail, you could include a small voucher to encourage your customers to buy something from you, either as a Mother’s Day gift, or something to treat themselves after Mother’s Day. This is also a way to track any sales that come as a result of this Mother’s Day promotion.